10 Strategies You Wish You Know Before Starting Your Business

Everyone (almost, anyway) I met and came to know, often speak with envy how they wanted to start their own business and own their lives like I do. Not wanting to sound harsh, I had in more than one occasion have to assure them it’s not about luck.

Yes, luck certainly plays a part, no denying that. But in the same manner, luck determines whom you are borne to, how you will leave this earth blah blah. So brushing other people’s success as pure luck actually takes the power and sense of ownership out of yourself. At the end of the day, who decides how you live your life? who can create the changes you want in your life? It’s YOU. We choose how we want to make the most use of the resources (however limited) we have.

Having said that, I want to share this amazing video on 10 strategies you can use to make sure your startup business is well positioned and well geared for long term success. The audio at some parts isn’t perfect, but you will not regret going through the entire talk.

Startup The Right Way